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Most understand that a history of family dysfunction, medical conditions, relationships problems and unhealthy lifestyles can contribute to distress and dysfunction.

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My diverse training and experience enable me to address issues in all of these areas and to promote wellbeing. View Email. Benjamin May Psychiatrist , MD. Medications can facilitate emotional healing, but their limitations must be recognized.

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When prescribing, it is my goal to understand your priorities and collaborate with you in an effort to find a medication that is beneficial with minimal or no side effects. Genetic testing is available for those who would like to know more about how they metabolize medications. I completed my adult psychiatry residency at Yale University in and my child psychiatry fellowship at UCLA in I have practiced in various clinical settings in Canada and the U.

My diverse clinical experience includes practice in academic centers, community mental health agencies, and private practice. Thank you for your patience. If you have either of these insurances you will be considered a self pay patient. I take pride in developing a collaborative relationship with patients, with a focus on creating a supportive and confidential atmosphere to discuss personal concerns.

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Making the decision to pursue psychiatric treatment is not always an easy choice, I do my best to promote a warm and empathic relationship, the best environment to promote change and growth. Many times, this is due to things that seem out of their control. I enjoy working with patients to develop individualized plans that address their areas of concern; in the process, sometimes people discover they have more control than they thought. But I promise to do my best to help you. I am a board-certified telepsychiatrist with 18 years of clinical experience seeing adults from all walks of life.

I completed my psychiatric residency at Brown University in Providence, RI where I learned the art and science of psychiatry. I provide psychotherapy and medication management online. I only prescribe psychotropic medications when medically necessary. Christopher J. Office is near:. I believe it is my job first to help my patients be heard. When one is able to articulate and discuss his or her concerns, then the meaning of these issues comes into better focus.

I am especially grateful to my patients. They have taught me most of all. As a pediatric nurse practitioner with prescriptive privileges, my extensive experience has enhanced my ability to engage in compassionate, relatable interactions with children. I will develop a highly individualized plan of care tailored to the unique needs of your child.

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I will discuss medication options, expectations, and alternative treatments. I encourage open conversation between myself, you, and your child to promote shared decision-making and offer empowerment and courage to your child. Rebecca J.

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  8. Moredock Mueller Psychiatrist , MD. I also offer specialty evaluations pertaining to child adoption, aviation, and forensics. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need, I try to reserve appointment spots for new patients so I can typically get people in quickly. Greta L.

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    Krause Psychiatrist, DO. These underlying causes of poor health must be identified and treated correctly in order for the patient to achieve optimal physical and mental health. I see my role as an educator to provide information for you to make an informed decision about medications and treatment options. I want to work in partnership with you to enhance and empower you to improve your overall wellness.

    Through collaboration with clients, my goal is to empower people to develop resources for self care, make informed decisions regarding treatment options and achieve optimal outcomes. Medication adjustment, psychotherapy, genetic testing and complementary treatment may all be utilized. Refine Results Divorce. If an agreement is not reached, whatever was said in the mediation is not admissible in court. Mediation is often a successful way for divorcing couples to remain on good terms despite their separation.

    However, it does not work for everyone. I offer consultations to discuss whether mediation may be right for you. A resolution is possible without a long, drawn out fight.

    Evening and weekend appointments are available. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN Contact Us Today Contact our office today by filling out the form below for your free initial consultation. Leave this field blank. Indiana Divorce Mediation Attorney Many people assume that going to court is the only way to resolve domestic partnership issues and finalize a divorce decree.