Tennessee death certificates for 1939


This index is accessed at Tennessee Marriages, Copy the batch number, paste it into the appropriate search box in the FamilySearch link posted above in this paragraph. About 20 Tennessee counties did not begin officially recording marriages in registers until a state law passed mandating the practice in Soderberg and Creekmore quote the Acts of Tennessee , ch.

A useful substitute for counties where marriages were not officially recorded, or where courthouses burned is:. In the s, W.

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Edythe Whitley Rucker notes that when she went back to these courthouses several decades later to make new indexes, some of the records the W. Sometimes this is due to theft, for an example, see Dick Eastman's articles:. Therefore, it is crucial to search W. FamilySearch now includes indexed Tennessee marriages.

Indicate a surname, marriage "event" and a county name. Browse through the results for that surname. You may need to supply any variant spellings of the surname in separate searches. Beginning in , Tennessee required registration of marriages with the state.

These records have been indexed and are at the Office of Vital Statistics. The Family History Library does not have copies of these records.

Reels of microfilm containing marriage records can be borrowed on inter-library loan from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Counties continue to keep their own records of marriages. Many of these later marriages are available on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives or the county courthouse. See individual Tennessee counties in the wiki for the availability of county marriage records. In particular, most Davidson county marriages after are not included. You can find early Tennessee published marriage records through:. Tennessee County Marriages.

Some counties have early death records kept at the county courthouse which are microfilmed. These records are available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The Family History Library collection also includes these records.

Vital Records Online by State

Chattanooga from FHL film Memphis from FHL film Nashville from FHL film Most counties kept death records beginning in During the month of July, the clerk of the Board of School Directors was required to collect and report the births and deaths which occurred in his district during the previous year. Death records for — do not list the names of parents. This register is at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

These records are arranged by enumerator record number.

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An index to these early death records is found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives listing 98, deaths or at Tennessee Deaths and Burials, An index to the deaths is also found in the filmed record collection. Copies of certificates can be orderd from the State Library and Archives or accessed in the Family History Library collection. Tennessee began registration of deaths after Originally, deaths were reported by the local undertaker.

If a family buried their dead without the use of an undertaker, often the death was not recorded in state records. Some deaths were unreported as late as Also check vital records on the county level. Occasionally deaths recorded at the county level were not returned to the state. Certificates more than 50 years old are housed at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

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Certificates newer than 50 years can be ordered from the Tennessee Department of Health. If you cannot access the free online indexes described in the following paragraph, you may use the yearly indexes included in this film collection. Some years are indexed by soundex.

Convert the surname to its soundex equivalent; search the index first by surname, then by given name. Note the certificate number. Then, locate the appropriate film for the death year and certificate number. Indexed images for Tennessee Death Certificates are available online at no cost at Tennessee Deaths The Tennesse State Library and Archives has a free online statewide index to deaths The Shelby County Clerk website has an online statewide death index This index includes certificate numbers.

Note the certificate number on this index, then locate the appropriate FHL or TSLA pre film for the death year and certificate number.

If the record you find is after , you will need to contact the Tennesse Department of Health for copies. These are independent indexes and so the information may vary between databases. Always search for variant name spellings if you do not find your expected record. And, remember that women will be probably be found under their married surnames. Also females could legally marry at the age of fourteen.

Tennessee Vital Records Research Guide

We have death certificates for the entire state of Tennessee on microfilm for the years There are NO Death Certificates for the year Send us a Query. Released in Seventeen true stories, a cross-section of misdemeanors and felonies committed in the county running the gamut from disturbing a public worship to murder. In every case there are stories worth telling; some funny, sad, even heinous.

Four-generation charts and family pictures submitted by individuals with ties to Western Tennessee or Western Kentucky. You'll find information on these pages that will lead you to the specific documentation you're searching for.

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  • It is important to keep in mind when doing research that the names and boundaries of certain counties in Tennessee have changed over the past two hundred years. Your ancestors may have lived on a certain farm in one county and when borders were redrawn records relating to your family history might have been located in another area entirely. When searching for land, court, tax, and other records it is also a good idea to search for these records in adjacent counties.