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Explore these funeral home records from around San Francisco, California, and learn vital biographical information about your ancestors. There are more than 91, records in this collection for individuals who were buried in San Francisco and the surrounding area in California. These funeral home records provide new information about family members who were buried in the San Francisco area, in California, for over an 80 year period.

He had only served two years when he was wounded at the battle of Kenesaw Mt.

He was shot in the right leg at the knee. The injury escalated to an amputation of the leg up to the hip.

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Census takers recorded many details including each person's name, age as of the census day, sex, color; birthplace, occupation of males over age fifteen, and more. No relationships were shown between members of a household. Worth TX Louis; St. Commerce Fairfield, TX thefairfieldrecorder. The following day he was laid to rest in the Dew Cemetery to await resurrection of the dead.

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He came to Texas in his early days and settled in Freestone County where he never lived over ten miles from his old homestead at Lanley. To this union were born three girls, one died in infancy, the mother, a few years later. To them, three boys were born, one, Easton, lived to manhood.

Wife and children all preceded him to that better world. Apparently he had been in excellent health until a few weeks previous to his death.

He came to his daughters and was stricken with paralysis and died three weeks later. He joined the Methodist church at Dew when a young man and died in the same faith. He leaves to mourn him two daughters, Mrs.

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Zion and Mrs. The writer had known him all of his life and has been in his home numberless times. Knew him to be a good neighbor, a peaceful law abiding, useful citizen, strictly honest and tried to live the life of a true Christian. He loved his family, his home and tried to make the world better.

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Filling the ache in our heart, deeply sympathized with all to whom he was so dear. Thou art done with earthly troubles, no more sorrow thou shalt know, no more pain, or care or sickness, thou shalt suffer here below, from this world thy spirit flyeth, there in heaven to watch and wait, till the loved ones all shall gather, just inside the pearly gate.

A Friend. Womble, Dew Cemetery Survey , www. I physically walked the graves, verifying the information off the tombstones. Boyd, age 54 years died at the family home at Cedar St. Paul in his automobile. Paul was about to pass Mr. Boyd when the latter requested to be taken home.

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The car was stopped and he climbed in and requested the driver to go in a hurry as he was ill. Cookies on Findmypast: We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience, for advertising purposes, and to understand how people use our website.

That's fine Learn more. What can these records tell me? Discover more about Indiana marriages These marriage records date back to the time of the Indiana Territory, first organized by the newly independent United States in , and continue for nearly years, up until