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The allegations that Obama was born abroad and has falsified his identity documents for decades were aired at a packed hearing at the 9th Circuit courthouse in Pasadena in May, days after the president released a copy of his birth certificate issued by the Honolulu hospital where he was born Aug. But rather than put to rest the conspiracy theory spread by talk radio hosts and political opponents that Obama was born in Africa, the Hawaiian document was brandished by the birthers as evidence of forgery.

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Only Congress can impeach a president, and any citizen petition for a common-law writ to initiate an inquiry into the legitimacy of the president would have to be brought through the federal court in Washington, D. One element required of plaintiffs to establish that they have a right to sue is identifying an injury that the court has the power to redress. Neither Assistant U. David A. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Williams, Los Angeles Times. Carol J. Williams is former senior international affairs writer for the Los Angeles Times. A foreign correspondent for 25 years, she has won five Overseas Press Club awards, two Sigma Delta Chi citations and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in international reporting. I, I thought he was born in Kenya. McRae: Do you know where he was born? I thought he was born in Kenya. I was gonna go by and see where he was born. Translator: Yeah, in this was Hawaii, where his father, his father was also marrying there.

This was Hawaii. McRae: OK. I thought you said she was present. Was she, was, was she, was she able to see him being, being born in, in Hawaii? Translator: No, no! The, the woman was not present. She was uh not, a what — you see, she was here in Kenya, and Obama was born in America. It first appeared Nov. We recently interviewed Schreiber and asked how he obtained the tape.

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He said he remains skeptical of the tape. What would he tell Trump? If he is going to go on the record and start claiming things he needs to make sure the source is right.

I would caution him on his proper role in the presidential primary. Worth noting is that Sarah Obama granted a number of interviews to reporters, and not one of them has quoted her as claiming the president was born in Kenya. Quite the contrary. A reporter for an Indianapolis television station filed this story shortly after Obama was elected in November, Trump also makes false claims about the document Obama produced in , claiming that it is not a birth certificate and has no signature or serial number:.

I saw his. I read it very carefully. But when we pressed the campaign for a better image, we were allowed to come to campaign headquarters and photograph it for ourselves, which we did. The U. This one does appear to meet State Department requirements. Trump, MSNBC: The hospital [in Hawaii] has not only no birth certificate, or if they have it they should produce it, or maybe there is something on it, who knows, but they have no records that he was there.

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The family in Hawaii is fighting. A couple of other things, when I was born in Jamaica hospital in Queens, when I was born there are records saying how much my parents paid for the doctor, who the doctor was, what room number I was born in, all of these things that I have. There is not one record in any hospital in Hawaii that Barack Hussein Obama was born there.

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What he was told is that any records of a birth from that long ago were probably destroyed many years ago, and even if they still existed the hospital could not release them to outsiders because of HIPAA. And what about details such as the doctor who delivered Trump and the room number where he and his mother stayed?

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Trump, April 7 : Now, let me just go to the final point. The final point on the birther.

The final point is the newspaper. Well, guess what? His grandparents probably put in a thing because everybody wanted to become a United States citizen, more so than today to be honest with you, because they were more proud in those days. But for purposes of hospitalization and welfare, you want to become an American citizen. So, the grandparents living in Honolulu, living in Hawaii, probably put it in. Barack H.

Justices reject appeal over fine of 'birther' attorney

Obama, Kalanianaole Hwy. Advertiser, July 28, : Such vital statistics, however, were not sent to the newspapers by the general public but by the Health Department, which received the information directly from hospitals, Okubo said. In a Nov. Advertiser, Nov. This is not empirical evidence. But Trump has no evidence and no knowledge of the process for publishing birth announcements. That doubt, he now says, has grown.

Trump, ABC : The reason that I have a little doubt — just a little — is because he grew up and nobody knew him.

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Nobody ever comes forward. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. The whole thing is very strange. The fact is that the Maui News interviewed two retired kindergarten teachers, Aimee Yatsushiro and Katherine Nakamoto, who recalled a chubby little 5-year-old Barack Obama in their kindergarten class. Maui News, Jan. Nakamoto, also a retired teacher now living in Wailuku, coincidentally was assigned to the same kindergarten class, only this time from January to June of Nakamoto said she never used a nickname for the student.

He was very well mannered, respectful, confident and independent.