Can i find someones social security number

Also, data entry errors do occur. If you can't find someone by first and last name and birth date, try searching by first name only and as much other information as you can to narrow the search.

5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

Be sure to visit Kathleen Hinckley's Family Detective web site. In addition to data entry errors, be aware that the death date may contain month and year only, especially before Another issue is that the zip code information may lead you in the wrong direction. Zip codes were not used until , and the location assigned to a zip code is based on U. Postal Service assignment of localities to a given zip code. This may not be the town where the person actually lived, nor where final benefits were sent.

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For example, a zip code of results in two Missouri town names-Chesterfield, and Town and Country. Do not be fooled into thinking the zip code or locality of last residence is where the person died. They may have last resided in Patterson, Missouri, but actually died in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. In that case, you would never find a death certificate in Missouri.

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Having told you all the pitfalls to watch out for, I will say that you can still find many valuable clues in the SSDI. Let's start with who is not in the SSDI. Everyone who received a Social Security number or paid withholding tax is not in the database. My grandmother, who paid withholding taxes most of her life, looked forward to collecting benefits upon retirement at age 60 in Her death was not reported to the Social Security Administration by anyone. Everyone who received Social Security benefits is not in the database. A young man died in , leaving a pregnant wife.

The child received Social Security benefits based on her father's benefits until she was eighteen years old. Yet no record of her father exists in the SSDI. Because his death was not reported to the Social Security Administration. He was 26 years old when he died, so there was no reason to notify the SSA. A survivor may have requested death benefits from the SSA. A family member may have notified the SSA to stop benefits to the deceased. A funeral home may have notified the SSA as a service to the family.

When does this index begin? The SSA began to use a computer database in About 98 percent of the people in the SSDI died after , although a few deaths do date back as far as Social Security Administration's Letter Forwarding Service The Social Security Administration will forward a letter to someone for you if it is for humanitarian purposes.

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  • Find out about the details here. Here there are answers to many common questions, including whether or not you can get a new social security number assigned. Social Security State Codes With the first three digits of a social security number, you can find out what state the owner of the number lived in when he applied for it.

    Social Security Numbers Are Easy to Guess | Science | AAAS

    Social Security Death Index Search this index to find out if someone is deceased. If so, you can get their social security number. Verify A Social Security Number This handy tool will tell you if a social security number is valid and the state and time period corresponding to the number.

    SSN Validator Not only does this wonderful tool validate social security numbers, it also checks to see if the number is listed in death records. If so, the name of the individual is provided. You can get social security numbers from various court records, particularly divorce or bankruptcy records. How many people do you know who have never had a traffic ticket? There are many court records available online, but of course, you can always get what you need directly from the local courthouse.

    Sometimes brokers will provide you with the social security number if it can be found in a public record. Know of a site that belongs on this list? Contact Spies Online. You will need to enable javascript to navigate this page. The page will not display correctly without javascript enabled. Disclaimer: Spies Online Web Author will not be responsible for the use of any of the information on this page or any consequences resulting from using that information.

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    Social Security Sleuthing

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    Remote PC Access. But as I write my Social Security number on each check and form this tax season, I have a keen sense of how much the number no longer defines me the way it once did. If I must, I say the number in a self-conscious whisper. The only people I feel comfortable revealing it to are my accountant and woman in human resources. Social Security numbers SSNs date back to As the post-war economy developed and Americans became more mobile, SSNs became ubiquitous to daily life.

    The Federal Trade Commission claims identity theft complaints nearly doubled between and When your credit card is stolen you get a new one, not so for a SSN.

    What is a Social Security Number?

    Almost everything in America is designed to identify people with a single number.