Can florida security guards make arrests

After the inmate was escorted to a room outside the view of other inmates, Kitzman slammed the inmate to the floor. Another officer helped Kitzman restrain the 5-footinch, pound man until he no longer was resisting. As four other officers watched, Kitzman pummeled the inmate in the side at least seven times. Investigators found that Kitzman — who did not respond to requests for comment — had acted improperly.

America’s gun-toting guards armed with poor training, little oversight

After a lengthy investigation, prosecutors charged him with battery, misconduct and abuse of a resident of a penal facility. He was fired from the Department of Corrections in September That month, he applied for a license to work as a guard.

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Under Wisconsin law, regulators could have chosen to disqualify Kitzman due to his misconduct. Despite his good memories of Kitzman, Haggett said regulators should stop granting licenses to former law enforcement officers with questionable records. More than a year later, regulators discovered that Kitzman had been convicted of battery and that he had lied on his application. Anyone who purchases a gun from a licensed firearms dealer is required to go through a background check to determine whether he or she has lost the right to bear arms.

But 27 states do not check whether armed-guard applicants are in this federal database and prohibited from carrying a gun. The database of prohibited possessors includes categories such as restraining orders or mental health commitments that do not usually appear in a routine FBI background check. If Arizona had required regulators to check the prohibited possessors database, Joshua Kosatschenko might not have received his license.

And he might not have begun work as an armed guard at a Tucson Circle K convenience store where, six weeks later, he shot and paralyzed an unarmed teenager. The incident took place in , after Daniel Tarango, then 18, drove several friends to the store. He waited in the car while they grabbed three bean-and-cheese burritos, a bag of Cheetos and Hot Pockets and fled without paying. Kosatschenko, who was working with another security guard that night, chased them. When Tarango tried to drive away, Kosatschenko shot him three times. Kosatschenko told police that Tarango was going to run over the other guard, but the detectives and second guard said he was never in danger.

Kosatschenko, then 19, was prohibited from possessing firearms due to a juvenile criminal record for assault and possession of a deadly weapon on school grounds at age 11 and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon at age Although the crimes occurred when he was a juvenile, his prohibition to possess a gun was still in effect.

Security guard powers

But state regulators did not check the database when they licensed Kosatschenko. After the shooting, the department added a box to the security guard form, which now asks whether the applicant is a prohibited possessor. However, Capt. Steve Enteman, who leads the compliance and information services bureau of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said the state still does not check that database.

Share your insights with our reporters. Tarango uses a wheelchair and lives with his wife and two children in Tucson.

Charges against Kosatschenko of attempted murder and aggravated assault were dropped, and he was convicted of illegally possessing a firearm. He lost his armed guard license. He and his employer, Valley Protective Services, declined to be interviewed. As recently as this year, Kosatschenko still worked at Valley Protective Services, where, according to his LinkedIn account, he is the hiring manager and a corporate trainer. Each state is left on its own to regulate security guards.

The meager wages and sometimes dangerous working conditions contribute to high turnover. From August to December , for example, Securitas, the largest security company in North America, employed nearly 23, guards in California alone. By the end of that period, the company had fired and replaced one-third of them, according to information supplied by the company in a lawsuit over allegations of unpaid overtime.

From training to equipment, guards have fewer tools at their disposal than police officers, who come with backup, arrest authority and myriad weapons. Many companies expect guards to arm themselves.

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And in most states, there is no requirement that armed guards carry anything — such as pepper spray — other than a firearm. As a result, guards have few options in the face of threats. They can shoot, or they can run. You expect that guy to do that? The legal limitations of armed guards often are lost on the public. Many gun-toting guards patrol public and private property, enforce laws and rules, and wear uniforms, influencing the public perception that they hold power akin to law enforcement.

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But there are many differences between guards and law enforcement officers, including the fact that, by and large, guards have no more arrest authority than anyone else. Police officers, on the other hand, are accountable to public — not private — entities. And they enjoy wide-ranging powers to enforce criminal and traffic laws, make arrests and detainments, serve warrants, and conduct searches and seizures.

They may use coercive force to make an arrest.

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Armed guards, with some exceptions, may not. Lapses in oversight come as the demand for armed guards continues to grow. States are licensing more armed guards than ever and demanding their presence in public life, including at transportation terminals, nuclear power plants, government buildings and schools. In , South Dakota enacted a law allowing teachers and guards to carry guns in schools after 80 hours of training, but the state has yet to pass a law requiring guards who work outside of schools to go through training or background checks.

In Virginia, a recent law allows guards to carry firearms in day care centers and private and religious schools. Some state agencies are issuing licenses at accelerated rates. In Virginia, there was a percent increase in licenses between and — to 10, In Louisiana, the number has increased by 1, percent in the same time period — to 4, last year. In California, licensing authorities issued firearm permits to 11, security guards in , a 35 percent increase over Amid this growth,many security executives, trainers and guards believe most state standards are ineffective and too low, contributing to an expendable, undertrained workforce.

A majority of states — 41 — require armed-guard applicants to go through FBI background checks, but CIR found the checks in many states are far from thorough, plagued by delays, gaps in criminal records databases and bureaucratic inefficiencies. In several states, guards convicted of violent crimes kept their licenses for months or even years, allowing them to find work easily as hired guns. On average, Wisconsin regulators took a little more than a year to revoke the licenses of armed guards convicted of serious crimes, while Pennsylvania regulators took an average of two and a half years to revoke an armed guard license after a conviction, from illegally selling firearms to sexual abuse of children.

Illinois regulators took even longer. There are currently users online. Login or Sign Up. Can a security guard legally handcuff someone? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I was just wondering if Security Guards, whether they work for a law enforcement agency, or a private company, or work somewhere like a mall, are at any time allowed to handcuff someone until police arrive?

Can a security guard legally handcuff someone?

If so, under what circumstances? For instance if there was a fight and someone continues to fight with security, would they be allowed to handcuff them until Police arrived? I'm just wondering because I always see mall security and such carrying handcuffs, and I know security doesn't have any law enforcement powers. Tags: None.