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Manish Madanpal Meena and the husband of the petitioner namely, Mr. In support of her contention, the learned counsel had relied upon the affidavit filed by the petitioner stating that the pregnancy was through intrauterine fertility procedure. I have carefully considered the submissions made by the respective counsel. The submissions of the learned standing counsel for the respondents 1, 3 and 4 has no basis, since neither the Act nor the Rules does not provide so. While that being so, the first respondent herein, while passing the order dated The name of Mr.

In view of the affidavits of Mr. Manish Madanpal Meena and the fifth respondent and taking note of the affidavits filed by the petitioner before this Court stating that the child was born through intrauterine fertility procedure, it can only be concluded that the name of Mr.

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In a case like that of the petitioner herein, the name of the father of the child cannot be disclosed, since the same is from a semen donor. The confidentiality of the donor requires to be protected and there could be a possibility of serious prejudice being caused to the said donor, if his identity is disclosed. There are also cases where women are constrained to raise children with their own sources in view of their unwilling and unconcerned partners.

Mathumitha Ramesh Vs The Chief Health Officer (Madras High Court)

As mentioned earlier, neither the Act nor the Rule mandates the disclosure of the identity of the father of the child. We are greatly perturbed by the fact that the Appellant has not obtained a Birth Certificate for her son who is nearly five years old. This is bound to create problems for the child in the future. In this regard, the Appellant has not sought any relief either before us or before any of the Courts below. Advantage was taken of the Act by the foreigners, particularly Europeans and British residing in the country. In , in the whole of India, Bengal was the only province in which registration was compulsory both in rural and urban areas.

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In Madras, registration was compulsory in all municipal towns and was later extended to all villages towns and was later extended to all villages with a population of and more. In Bihar and Orissa, registration was compulsory only in some municipalities whereas in Punjab and the Central Provinces, it was compulsory in all municipal towns. In Bombay it was compulsory in nearly all municipalities while in Assam it covered all municipal towns, small towns, tea gardens and a few towns of hill districts.

Generally, the officials of the revenue, police or health departments were also made responsible for registration. In municipal towns and cities the municipal authority was responsible for registration of vital events and this function was usually a part of the duties of the health department. Health officials like sanitary inspector, vaccinator and health assistant were made responsible for this work.

Mathumitha Ramesh vs The Chief Health Officer on 11 June,

The hospitals were required to report to the local Registrar in respect of events occurring therein. These records do not frequently appear in the India Office Records. Registrations do not generally appear until the s.

Entries show date and place of birth, child's name, parents' names and their nationality and religion, father's occupation, date of registration. These are identified by the use of forms headed 'Office of the Marriage Registrar, Calcutta' for example , and although a baptism date is given, there is no Church name included to show where the child may have been baptised. It may be the case that such entries reflect births and baptisms of children whose parents belonged to a non-conformist denomination which did not make its own returns to the India Office.

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Other indications of Birth Registration occur in the s and after independence. Presumably these have been retained in the office s of the Registrar s in India". Latest From Nation.

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