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Just happened to me today. Got a phone call and a text trying to get me to pay for a vehicle check for my motorcycle. How do we report the phone number? I never got any emails at all. It was all text.

It was also quite obviously not a bot. It was someone who had read my post and referenced by city and the model of my bike. Even texted me a link of a site that at first looked super legit but didn't exist when I googled it. He or she wanted me to get a VIN report from a site they wanted. I cannot believe they use the same message over and over. Isn't there some way to catch these idiots??? Thanks for the useful inform.

It has also just happened to me. They asked me to visit a website to buy a title report. Fortunately, Bank of America had placed a hold on this transaction. I thought there was something wrong, so I google for it. Thanks for your inform again! I just got an email and text messages from a Ryan Wants me to get a car history from vehiclehistoryaudit. So helpful. Sending many thanks. I listed a car today and within 5 minutes received a text to go to a site, etc Fortunately I found this posting before I replied as follows: Sorry fella.

It's a scam, so scram. Hi i been listening to a guy trying t ooffer cash and telling me hel come by So after a quick google search I found this article and a few others. He is getting a kick back from the vehicle history audit website every time someone clicks on his link. I'm selling an SUV and I got a text from this number and he is obviously a crook who was so pushy for me to go to this scam website WWW. COM and get a report about my suv to send to him and as soon as I googled the website I found out that it's a huge scam so watch out.

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I got a text from the same number wanting me to go to nationalvehiclereport. I refused and instead provided him a screenshot of my car's CarFax and he went dark. Sadly, people fall for this stuff, otherwise they wouldn't try. I'm trying to sell my truck on craigslist. Got a text from Vince who sent a link to myhistoryaudit. Told him to purchase his own report. Thanks for this really informative article. I contacted Capital One and the were promptly removed. Lesson: Don't use vehicle reports. A person with email address blaine carey contacted me to buy my car that I posted on Craigslist.

Once you provide the report you won't hear the "buyer". Please beware of such email and this website. If you are selling a car online and someone is interested in buying the car, you should never have to pay for any kind of report.

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