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Destination Australia features more than 20, photographs of migrants who arrived in Australia from all over the world after World War II.

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Breadcrumb Home Explore the collection Search for people Researching your family. Researching your family. The National Archives of Australia is a rich source of information for family historians. Many of the records in our collection are about people who: migrated to Australia served in our defence forces are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin were interned or investigated by the government applied for copyright, patents or trademarks The best way to search is to think about how family members had contact with the government.

Then work out what types of records we might have about them.

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Find out the meaning of such terms as a first cousin twice removed. All free!

Why pay when you can view for free? Use a web page to "post" your missing pieces. Turn Genealogy into Family History Fleshing out the details of your ancestor's lives. Find others searching your family tree How to find your cousins who are doing family history research by using genealogy research registry search engines.

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Unwanted Pop-ups How to rid yourself of unwanted pop-up ads and make your computer run faster at the same time - all for free. Birthday Calculator Calculate a birthday from the date on a tombstone or death certificate. Julian to Gregorian Calendar Conversion Dates Explanation of the changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar with a list of countries and changeover date. Day of Week Calculator Determine the day of the week for a date in any year. Roman Numeral Years are common on tombstones from the eighteenth century.

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People Finder A Premium Resource for finding lost family, birth parents, missing friends, military buddies, and loved ones. Reverse Directory Enter name, address OR phone number. Find people on same block, or enter an address or phone to get a name! Boardreader is a simplistic search engine based around a fairly simple idea: providing an easy way to search through forums and online communities.

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Using a specialized algorithm, Boardreader scours the web for your search queries only when they appear within the body of a forum thread, post, or message. What Boardreader is for online forums and message boards, Topsy is for social media sites but especially Twitter. Google does integrate social media information into its search results, but they tend to be based on the newest relevant posts or the users behind them. Topsy, on the other hand, delves deeper into the social world, generating results based on specific times or places, and offering regular alerts or analytics information for the inquisitive minds using it.

Google may improve its social search functions, but this level of specificity in results will likely remain with specialized outlets like Topsy. Creative Commons CC Search is a targeted search engine that populates results that you can share and use on your own. While CC Search itself is not a search engine, it functions as one by aggregating the results of other services to generate works that operate under a CC license.

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Still, CC Search is a nice example of a specialized search engine that gives more specific , relevant results than Google can offer for a specific purpose. WolframAlpha started as a mathematical tool for students and professional mathematicians, and has since evolved into an integrated search engine focused on science and math.

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Users trying to search for specific math and science facts often rely on WolframAlpha rather than Google because it provides more direct answers in a faster interface. Its search function can even solve equations directly without simply searching for instances of that equation on the web. Google does have some calculating functionality currently, but WolframAlpha is highly specialized, and geared toward mathematicians.