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It was reported that one negro was heard to remark that he was not afraid to stay on the streets of Quincy Saturday night, and that a white man slapped him on the back and asked him what he had said, where upon he moved along.

Another instance occurred Saturday when the grand jury was going into session. As the victim and her family approached the court house to give testimony, a number of negroes were congregated on the court house steps and were approached by white men who asked them why they were there. The negroes replied that they had been ordered to appear, whereupon no further demonstration was engaged in.

It was reported that the men responsible for the mutilation of the body were from Madison county and Georgia and that they composed a party who attempted to follow the original mob and take part in the actual lynching but arrived too late for this, and showed their resentment of their being left out by their treatment of the body.

It is too barbaric, and I'm extremely doubtful that such actions are of any value whatsoever in preventing future crimes of this kind. One lynching has occurred in Mississippi and one in Tennessee this year, the commission stated. Governor Carlton has announced through the press that the matter will be throughly and promptly investigated. Appointment of Drew D.

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Edwards as county commissioner to succeed Major J. Lines, resigned, was made by Governor Carlton Saturday. Edwards is a well known farmer residing near Quincy. Many citizens of the district signed a petition requesting his appointment to represent district No. He was a candidate for the position in the last democratic primary and received a creditable vote.

There are to be workers from different states, as well as from our own state. Lambert of Orlando is to be the worker and helper in the local church and while here her stay among us will be at the home of Mrs. This is the first campaign of the kind our county has ever attempted to put on, and it is hoped great results will be seen by our Sunday schools being greatly enlarged and doing more and better work in all our churches. Evans of Tallahassee is our Sunday school B.

Dodd, of Havana, association superintendent of all the Sunday schools in Gadsden county, is leading in a fine way towards this campaign or revival. Many from here attended the Holiness tent meeting in Greensboro, conducted by Rev. Edenfield and Rev. Farmers in this section will soon be busy grinding cane and cooking syrup. Some started a few days ago. Prayer meeting each Tuesday evening at Worth Clark will be leader Tuesday evening and 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7, is to be the scripture lesson. Sunday school Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.

Come, bring some one with you. There are classes for all. Preaching services after close of Sunday school. A Sunday school revival is to begin in all the Baptist Sunday schools in Gadsden county Sunday morning. Workers from out of state are to assist and teach a book, "Building a Standard Sunday School," in the local church during the week, each evening. Miss Hattie Fletcher of the college in Tallahassee was home with her people, Mr. Fletcher for the week-end.

Miss Fletcher was accompanied home by two college students of Titusville.

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Pleasant, who attends the University at Gainesville, were among relatives at the homes of Mr. Dean and Mr. Anderson Sunday afternoon. In memory of Mrs. Hagood, who died November 10, One year ago today you left us, And your smiles we see no more. Our hearts are filled with sadness, For time can heal no sore. More and more each day we miss you, mother friend; All think that the would is healed, But they little know the sorrow That is in our hearts concealed. What is home without a mother, All the things a world may send, For when we lost our dearest mother We lost our dearest frined.

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She was the crown of patience, Through the years she struggled on, And those hands that rest forever Are the hands that made our home. Soft and bright the stars are shining on a lonely grave, Where lies the one we love so dearly Whom we tried so hard but could not save. Her children. A Hallowe'en and league social combined was given Thursday night at the home of Mr.

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One of the largest numbers we have ever had were present for this occasion and many enjoyable games were played until a late hour. Other features were on the program and all were enjoyed to the highest. Harbin and son, Julious made a business trip to Bainbridge Friday. Don't forget our little Sunday school.

Sunday there will be quarterly conference held here at the old church.

Everybody come; let's have a large attendance. County Judge P. Marks, enjoying a fine sea food dinner, and several hours outing, from which they returned to Quincy in high spirits. McDearmind, his son, W.

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Albert, and his son, George Allen McDearmid, composed the party. While at the "source of supply," Mr. Munroe and Coach Crownover returned Monday afternoon from a fishing trip to Lake Smith in Liberty county, where they report a large catch of trout, bream perch and other members of the finny tribe. The party left Quincy Saturday night.

Miss Alice Munroe, bride elect, and Mrs. Ernest Edwards, of Indianapolis, Ind. Shaw, Jr. The house was lovely with its profusion of chrysanthemums and red roses. Five tables were arranged for bridge. At the conclusion of the game, Mrs. Budd, Jr.

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The honorees each received a guest towel. At the hostesses served a delicous supper. McKeown, of Gretna, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary Thursday night, entertaining about 40 guests at supper under the trees on the lawn of their beautiful country home. Among the guests who gathered for the occasion were friends of this splendid couple from Quincy, Greensboro and Gretna.

One of the loveliest of the many parties which have been given in honor of Miss Alice Munroe and Bill Alexander, whose engagement and approaching marriage was recently announced, and Mr. Ernest Edwards of Indianapolis, Ind. Horace Curry entertained their club at the home of Mrs.

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Eleven couples shared with the honorees the hospitality of the host and hostesses. At the conclusion of the brige game, a hunting picture was awarded to Joe Budd for men's high score, and a mayonnaise bowl to Mrs. Terence L. Riley v.

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