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The jokes about Meg's obesity can also be seen as social commentary. Meg is only shown to be slightly overweight, and she isn't as ugly as she's made out to be by the other characters.

This could be seen as a social commentary on American society, and how those people who fall short even slightly of the percieved ideal, face persecution, and are made to feel bad about themselves. Meg is voiced by Lacey Chabert in the first season, and by Mila Kunis in all subsequent seasons. Any girl who looks fine but has a f-ed up family you have to deal with. Damn,man, Meg just called Pater a fat bitch!

She's hot and all, but she's a Meg Griffin beacuse her dad is a f-n retard.

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She is often known for wearing a beanie cap. The most bullied Griffin on Family Guy. I think she's sexy though. Boy , I wonder if Meg Griffin is awesome at sex. Meg , from family guy.

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Lois : who wants a glass of fresh orange juice? Peter: i want a fresh glass of better daughter!

Set-Out Hamplanet PCTI September 10 Putita KHL Nuts in Dinglehopper Lois has two other children before her current three. One was named Peter Jr.

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Lois Griffin supposedly has a brain tumor which she claims is caused from suppressing the fact that her husband is a moron. There is a pinball game by Stern Pinball, in which Lois Griffin appears with exclusive material recorded by Alex Borstein.

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The rumor that Lois kills Stewie is untrue. The Fact Site requires you to enable Javascript to browse our website.

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Far from perfect though, Lois has secrets in her past and traits about her you may not know. There are parts of her personality not always taken into account and some poor life decisions. Here are 30 facts that will help you get to know the real Lois Griffin a little better.

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Her full name is Lois Patrice Griffin. Lois Griffin is voiced by Alex Borstein. According to the show, Lois Griffin is a recovering methamphetamine addict.