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All of this information is required in order to complete the death certificate which the funeral establishment handles. Before Frederick MD cremation services are started, this paperwork must be filled out with medical data and signed by the deceased's physician and then filed with the Division of Vital Records. There are no state laws that implicitly require embalming. There are a few circumstances when it might be suggested though.

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For instance, if the deceased's body has to be shipped to or from another state, embalming may be required. If you choose to have a public viewing or wake before Frederick MD cremation services , embalming might be mandated by the funeral establishment. Embalming helps keep a deceased loved one's body from decomposing too quickly.

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While there is only a twelve hour waiting period after death before cremation services in Frederick MD can happen, more time is often required in order to complete the planning and paperwork involved. Embalming essentially buys you the time needed to set things into motion.

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If you are choosing a direct cremation route with no public viewing before a memorial or funeral service, embalming is not needed, even if you wish to visit with the deceased before Frederick MD cremation services commence. When your deceased loved one is received by the crematory, they have an identification tag placed with them.

This ensures that the cremated remains you receive afterward are indeed your deceased loved one. The tag is removed only when the deceased is placed into the cremation chamber.

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Because only one body at a time can undergo cremation services in Frederick MD within the chamber, there is little to no chance of a mix-up. Once the cremated remains are removed from the chamber and cooled, the identification tag is placed with them for the remainder of the process. If you are planning to scatter your loved one's ashes after cremation, you don't necessarily need an urn to house the remains.

The crematory, as a default, places the ashes in a temporary container that is leak-proof. If a scattering ceremony does not happen right away after cremation services in Frederick MD , you can hold onto the filled temporary container. However, if the cremated remains are to be buried in a memorial garden or cemetery plot, a decorative urn of some sort is required. An urn would also be necessary if you plan to hold onto the ashes after Frederick MD cremation services and display them in an honored spot in your home or even store them in a columbarium.

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There is no right or wrong choices in regards to funeral or memorial services. You could have a public viewing before cremation services in Frederick MD along with a funeral service. Or, you could choose direct cremation and hold a memorial ceremony, displaying the urn of cremated remains, at a later date. You choose what is best for family and friends as well as your finances. Contact a funeral specialist to help you with Frederick MD cremation services so that there is a smoother transition from death to memorialization. Birth and Death Certificates Vital Records The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services issues certified birth certificates for anyone born in the State of Maryland after and certified death certificates for individuals who died in Maryland.

Excluding holidays and County government closure Walk-in service.

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The following individuals may apply for a birth certificate: An individual requesting his or her own birth certificate. A parent named on the certificate. A court-appointed guardian of the individual named on the certificate. A foster care appointment is not acceptable; proof of guardianship must be submitted.

A surviving spouse of the individual named on the certificate. The representative must have a letter signed by the individual, parent or guardian; and certified by a notary public stating that the representative has permission to obtain a copy of the certificate.

To receive same day service, the applicant must present a valid, unexpired, government-issued photo ID displaying issued and expiration dates. Applicants unable to provide valid photo ID will be be able to receive certificates the same day and must provide two 2 different pieces of alternative documentation. At least one of these documents must contain a current mailing address. The function is used to translate County web pages into different languages.