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Of course, the fact that an arrest warrant is outstanding suggests that the person named in the document has so far avoided being found by the police, which may seem suspicious, but it is important not to jump to conclusions. Perhaps you are checking into the background of a new partner before deciding to enter into a serious relationship, maybe you are an employer conducting background checks about your current staff or a prospective employee, or it could be that you are simply suspicious about someone new in your neighbourhood or at your place of work.

If they have an outstanding arrest warrant against them in Placer County, the state of California or anywhere in the US, you will be able to find out either at your local police station or online and inform the related authorities. Unlike many other court and legal documents and records, which have many details restricted from the public for the privacy of those involved in the case, records of outstanding arrest warrants often include a lot of personal information about the person they are looking for and even, in some cases, details about the crime they are wanted for.

After all, the point of making these arrest warrant records available to the public is to help the police in Placer County catch the people they are looking for.

You can expect to find details like a physical description, their full name along with any aliases, as well as their date of birth and last known addresses. The document will also contain important information, such as whether they are likely to be violent or even details about how they commit their crimes so that you can be on your guard.

Most police stations still have the old fashioned notice boards where they have pinned up notices about the most wanted people in Placer County, throughout the state of California and even some of the most dangerous or prolific criminals that are still wanted in the whole of the US.

Nowadays, most police forces have also used the power of the internet to get the message about their outstanding arrest warrants to the general public, and you will find that you can search these sites in order to narrow down the results — especially useful if you are interested in finding out if someone in particular is still wanted by the authorities. Most of these local sites only deal with locally issued arrest warrants within Placer County or in the state of California.

This is fine if you know that the person has lived all their life in the area, but what if the person you are suspicious about has only recently moved into town? They could have come from anywhere in the US, and the most dangerous criminals are more likely to move far away from their home town where they are less likely to be recognized.

Law enforcement officials have access to national databases that detail the arrest warrants and criminal records of people all across the US, but the general public are not allowed to use these kinds of resources. Luckily, there are some commercial sites that have pulled together information from all the different law enforcement agencies and from across the country, allowing residents of Placer County and the state of California to input the details of their partner, employee or suspicious new neighbour, to try and establish if they have an outstanding arrest warrant against them anywhere in the US.

If you suspect this might be the case, inform your local police station immediately, and don't try and tackle them yourselves. Attention: The data on this website is not endorsed by any government body.

Placer county california warrants

Abandoned Vehicle: block Lake Tahoe Blvd. Alarm: block Al Tahoe Blvd. Alarm: block Wildwood Ave.

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Alarm: block Eloise Ave. Wadstein ran from his burning truck but didn't get far before his arrest. Photo from KCRA film. Police found almost a pound of methamphetamine in the fire after his truck burst into flames. Wadstein is a long time South Lake Tahoe resident with arrests dating back to his teenage years.

Shannon Laney said their first file on him was in His previous convictions range from drugs and vandalism to kidnapping and weapons charges. As officers responded and attempted to locate the vehicle and its driver they got a report of a Honda crashing into another vehicle in a driveway near the block of Macinaw Rd.

Attempt to Contact: block Riverside Ave. Burglary: block Lodi Ave. Burglary: block Bigler Ave. Assist Outside Agency: block Lakeview Ave. ARRESTS 3 year-old male arrested for loitering on private property, trespassing, violation of parole, and resisting arrest. Child Molestation: Location Redacted. Alarm: block Balboa Dr.


Info for the Placer County (Auburn) Jail - Location, Bail, Visiting, Contact

Disturbance: block Lake Tahoe Blvd. Drunk in Public: block Lake Tahoe Blvd. Found Property: block Tata Ln. Location Checkblock Lake Tahoe Blvd. After today we will post complete logs Tuesday-Friday with Tuesdays being a list of the weekend calls. A car window had been smashed and a purse was stolen.

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The second call came in at p. The same method was used - a broken car window and a stolen purse. They had calls during this period. They had calls and DMV checks during this period. When officers arrived, they found the year-old victim cleaning. They responded to calls during this period. Last week's report for February 8- February 19, Last week's report for January February 7, Dylan Matthew Pettigrew was recently sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of First Degree Burglary.

They left the cafe shortly after Nancy received a threatening phone call from her abusive, common-law husband, Clifton Mahaney. Most content submitted to website is covered under Creative Commons license:. Search this site:. Read more. Bottom row l-r: Jerold Brewer, Loretta Bennetts. Law enforcement in front of Faris Court on Wednesday. Photo by STN. Travis Cabral joins others in the arrest of Wadstein.

Wadstein's burned out truck. Paula Peterson. Drone used to attempt to locate suspect. Michael Henson's booking photo.

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High speed pursuit on unrelated case Wednesday.